Meet Hyprr: A Blockchain-Powered Social Media Platform Where You Are In Control!

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Social media before is all about its community’s purpose. They are providing people a valuable place to share their experiences and daily coping with family and friends. But nowadays, it is not just about a grand haven to meet and greet, but it is all about money — not the users, but these social networks. It is already known that some platforms are selling data from their users. They collect your usage patterns, require you to pay to update your community from your pages, and sell advertising that most people are not drawn in watching.

With this predicament, enjoyment has become a threat with privacy concerns and a discontinued pattern to have a free channel to express yourself. That is why Hyprr, powered by blockchain technology, has created the most powerful social media tool to build decentralized social apps aiming to make users in control.

What is Hyprr?

Hyprr is a unique and robust blockchain-powered social media platform. Founded by David Brierley, it strives to create a platform enabling its users, content contributors, and advertisers to do whatever they aspire to without the exploitation that is apparent in social networks.

For Users

From millennials to older people, almost everyone fancies a new experience that blends images, streaming, video, blogging, and gamification inside a platform that offers everything in one place. With no loyalty to platforms, this generation of users are device-dependent and consume twice as many hours just for this habit.

Powered by blockchain, users can establish and decide whether the Hyprr platform can access their activity or privately for them. Hyprr users can pick who they need to share their data within the settings on their app. They can opt-in to accepting ads as well, and they’ll also gain a percentage of ad revenues produced from utilizing their information. This platform has complete transparency on the blockchain.

For Content Contributors

Many people are making content nowadays, but other than YouTube, which is very challenging to monetize, how do they make money from it? Hyprr is where content creators can exhibit their content and then determine if and how they will monetize it. It has a tipping feature like twitch, and the content owner will receive 100% of the allotted tip. How the content creator chooses to monetize their content is entirely up to them. They also decide if there are ads on their channel and what types of ads. Only those users who have opted in to receiving ads can view them anyway.

For Advertisers

Advertisers can also take advantage of the Hyprr platform. They seize more authority than they do on other networks. In Hyprr, the advertiser receives a move away from the standard CPC model (cost per click) to CPA (cost per acquisition). CPA is not something advertisers can make on any other social platform. Advertisers can pick the channels and kinds they need to advertise on, and they have comprehensive transparency into their campaigns, enabling them to accommodate as required to develop.

Hyprr As HowDoo’s First Social Media App

On July 17, 2020, HowDoo announced its first social media application called Hyprr. It aims to have a fairer, more transparent social media experience that sets you in control. Users take control and ownership of their own data and can be compensated if they select to share it. Hyprr is where the people who create the most value get the most significant rewards, whether you’re content creators or token holders.

Hyprr has a stable coin called HYPE that is to be utilized as money in the app, and the utility is all through the UDOO. The best idea to think about is the UDOO is like ETH, and Hyprr is a high volume app operating on the chain and utilizing the UDOO for all charges. The intention is to be able to manage the pace and very low network costs as opposed to building on ETH. Howdoo is the chain, and UDOO is the token. UDOO was not decided to become the platform’s intrinsic token, as creators don’t favor a volatile token to be tipped and set content or channel pricing as it confuses things for users.

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