Maxburn (XMB): Resolving Concerns Of Tipping Content Creators and Internet Users

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For hard-money advocates, the deflationary attributes of gold or cryptocurrencies form a built-in assurance of long-term value. Several challenges are anticipated to happen before a deflationary token has a chance to establish their value. The real usage is difficult to engineer, and investors and merchants may not want to buy or accept these tokens in the far-flung future. Deflationary tokens could be more assuring as sway for investors to hedge against inflation, but only slightly. It’s not entirely transparent what end goal these projects have, but Maxburn, one of this kind, has a definite purpose which is to combat the difficulties of tipping content creators and internet users in general.

What is MaxBurn (XMB)?

Maxburn is a type of deflationary cryptocurrency that is built on Ethereum smart contract aiming to resolve oversupply and tipping of content creators. It has a total supply of 500,000 XMB. For every on-chain transaction, 5% of the total transaction will be kept on the senders wallet, 2.5% will be allotted to a donation address and 2.5% will be burned forever. The burning mechanism will accommodate to deflate the total number of XMB’s supply and raise its value.

This project is designed to combat the challenges of tipping content creators and internet users in general. XMB will be utilized as the transaction currency to be employed in all activities inside MaxBurn platform. XMB can also be traded on exchanges.

Value And Use Cases Of Maxburn (XMB)

The value of XMB will depend on it users. Tipping of Internet users has been a common issue. Receiving and converting of local currency into one of the traditional method of payment like PayPal fund to transfer fees has restricted a lot of generous internet users in tipping their favorite content creators like bloggers. Maxburn saw this limitation and created a project to combat this complexity in tipping content creators and internet users for their good giving more efficiently.

Cross border payments is by far easier and faster compared to the traditional payment systems, as users have to undergo a series of complicated processes to allow them to send payments. Maxburn will employ this opportunity to execute payment more accessible with the cheapest fees to facilitate the payment.

Strategic Activities For Project Fulfillment

Maxburn team has an imperative strategies in order to achieve what their project is aiming to resolve:

Partnership with merchants

They are proposing to partner with store owners and ecommerce to be accepted as a method of payment in their market places both online and offline.


To make tipping possible, Maxburn will be partnering with as many bloggers on the internet to achieve their goals especially, to make tipping easier for internet users.

Content creators

Maxburn team will conduct a series of virtual seminars designated to content creators and social media users to further increase the acceptance of XMB as a method of payment for their valuable and creative works.

XMB As A Self-Drop Token

MaxBurn’s XMB token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform. The token is compatible with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and implements easy-to-use integration.


Maxburn project has been quickly and accurately following their proposed roadmap. They have efficiently executed each of their expected milestone with advance preparation and setups. They’ll be heading on October’s plan to further market their platform and future partnerships with merchants and content creators.

Latest Announcement

Maxburn’s XMB has been listed at BCNEX, the ultimate blockchain asset trading platform. XMB is now available for trading at BCNEX exchange with supported trading pairs including XMB/BTC and XMB/ETH. Deposit time commences at 03/09/2019 4PM (GMT+7) while trading and withdrawal, begins at 03/09/2019 5PM (GMT+7).

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