HowDoo Launchpad: The Home Of Social dApp Offerings

3 min readMar 12, 2021

--, without a doubt, has continually progressed with new events and opportunities they have implemented that benefited their users and the entire system. Last February 2021 was such a significant part of HowDoo’s Roadmap. They have partnered with several crypto personalities aimed to heighten their marketing strategy further and, at the same time, to inform people what their platform is intending to provide. Below is a recap of HowDoo’s most important accomplishment last month:

They have extended recently to a more exciting phase that would entice their users to have fun continually and earn passively. They have introduced HowDooSwap, facilitating the Ecosystem of Social dApps. It enables users to have the facility trade DeFi protocols with the reliability of a safe system and environment.

The HowDoo Launchpad

With such promising milestones, HowDoo has once again proved its innovations to its users. They are not just proposing ideas but great implementors as well — they do what they promise. HowDoo Launchpad is considered as the point blanc of social media dApp offerings. The point of genesis for a pack of decentralized projects regarding becoming a member of the Howdoo Blockchain ecosystem. It is a crypto crowd-funding platform providing early believers a possibility to obtain start-up tokens at a discount in the Initial Dex Offering.

An Initial Dex Offering or an IDO is viewed as the initial offering of tokens that are administered and regulated by the underlying Decentralized Exchange Protocol. Ethereum and other funds collected from the givers are settled, managed, and made obtainable to the project continuously by the Smart Contract to restrict rug-pulling and exit scams. A well-functioning LaunchPad protocol produces a dependable and trustless crypto fundraising environment.

LaunchPad Requirements for Crypto Projects

  • Projects are expected to deposit the full token sale supply to the LaunchPad Token Generation Event (TGE) before initiating any announcements or marketing ventures.
  • Pre-sale tokens will be transferred to a safeHowdoo LaunchPad wallet for safekeeping.
  • A third-party cybersecurity partner will review Applicant Smart Contracts, rendering audit reports to the Howdoo team.
  • After the audit, locked depositories for ETH and project tokens will be generated, which will be utilized to contribute liquidity to the HowdooSwap listing.
  • When all of the processes above are done, Howdoo will grant the applicant project a ‘Pre-sale Certificate.’ They will publish the audit and lock project tokens for the IDO.

About HowDoo

HowDoo is the most innovative social media platform developed by utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized social media and messaging platform that allows users to control and manage their accounts to ensure that they control their data and system activities. HowDoo also offers rewards and earnings while fully being entertained by their selfies and personal updates. Whether for marketing or personal purposes, HowDoo is the most trusted platform that positively offers fun and earning.

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