HowDoo Announces Its Trading Competition Series At KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

3 min readFeb 22, 2021


The popularity of social media today has become more valuable to every marketer, brand, and influencer. However, certain issues have been a problem with several of today’s known social media platforms, such as collecting and unfair private data usage. With the advancement of blockchain as a decentralized, transparent, and immutable technology, the idea of resolving these issues has come up with a promising project called HowDoo.

HowDoo is a platform that facilitates mass social connection and interaction. Additionally, it’s a platform that’s intended to transform the present social media sphere by inciting a decentralized method to sharing and employing content along with its associated transactions. HowDoo aims to achieve this primary purpose by putting every individual in control of what they view and do, who and what they want to join with, and select to assign value and monetize these activities inside the platform. They are developing a unique concept of promoting capabilities that will essentially re-shape social media’s image of what is and isn’t possible.

Announcing Howdoo Trading Series on KuCoin

As part of HowDoo’s continuous development, they have started a trading series on KuCoin, one of the world’s most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. It is also a key exchange where uDOO is traded. To boost uDOO’s profile on KuCoin and bring more trading venture to the token on the exchange, they have launched the Howdoo Trading Series on KuCoin.

Round I — Net Deposit, Buying, and Participation Rewards

The first campaign round started last February 18, 2021, and will end on February 25, 2021, featuring three reward categories: Net Deposit rewards, Net Buying, and Participation Rewards.

In the Net Deposit category, 100,000 uDOO tokens are split among Kucoin users that deposit a minimum of 1,500 uDOO to their KuCoin accounts.

The Net Buying Competition rewards the top 20 users by net buying volume with an overall total of 350,000 uDOO, extending from 27,000 uDOO to 15,000 uDOO. The net buying volume will be calculated by deducting the uDOO sales and withdrawals from buying.

Round II — 0% Maker Fee Trading Competition, Lucky Draw, and More

The Howdoo Trading Series round 2 will be held between February 26 and March 8 to be more trading-focused. It will highlight a 0% trade maker charge during the Trading Competition to cause the action just a bit spicier. The trading competition will have a prize pool of 500,000 uDOO. Furthermore, there will be another iteration of Participation Rewards that is worth 50,000 uDOO.

The Trading Competition will turn around the total trading volume on the uDOO/ETH pair, counting both buys and sells. The top 30 users earning the most leading turnover will get 500,000 uDOO, making between 14,000 uDOO and 27,000 uDOO separately. The second round’s Participation Rewards is applicable to users who can obtain a 5,000 uDOO or higher trading volume, reach the first level of KuCoin KYC and add the uDOO/ETH trading pair to their Favorite List. They will equally share 40,000 uDOO.

How To Participate On This Trading Competition

Joining this trading series is very easy. Participants are only required to create a KuCoin account or those traders who already have existing accounts. Once inside the platform, you’ll see a comprehensive guide on the trading series.

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