XR WEB: Changing The World With Extended Reality Apps

4 min readAug 28, 2019


Various companies and institutions are exploring the power of Augmented Reality (AR) to show the next generation of high-graphics realities. Augmented reality offers a real-world environment and objects held within it in an advanced format utilizing heavy computer software. Virtual Reality (VR) brings the non-real world in a real-world sense, that is, as a simulated experience. Mixed Reality (MR) combines augmented reality and Virtual Reality to reveal new visualizations in which both real (physical) objects and non-real (digital) objects coexist and communicate in real-time.

Extended reality (XR) combines these three powerful technologies (AR, VR, and MR) to build highly advanced ecosystems and visualizations that present exemplary, healthy, and prudent digital human-machine interaction. XR Web uses next-generation technological advance called the blockchain, to turn expanded reality into a new network. An internet with high-level tools and infrastructure to take a diversity of industries to the next level.

A Decentralized Platform using Extended Reality

XR Web is the first in the development of the augmented reality layer over the Internet and develops the basic platform tools and infrastructure. It is based on blockchain to implement security and trust as the core tenets of this new platform.

At present, Augmented Reality can be experienced with XR-compatible browsers for smartphones that include XR Web browsers for iOS and Android phones. Soon, this Extended Reality platform will only be a fundamental part of smart glasses.

XR Web is a decentralized network protocol that modifies the Physical Webspace into a safe, encrypted three-dimensional web space where applications and content can be projected, seen, and communicated. It builds the basic infrastructure and SDK where different applications can be created, such as XR gaming, social media, trip sharing, home sharing, real estate, advertising, and retail insurance.

Token Metrics

XR Token is the native currency utilized by the XR web to access different features on the platform. The ERC20 standard token of the Ethereum network and Extended Reality web providing fuel power. This token can be used to register territory and access other services on the platform. XR Token owners gain dividends (awards) based on their activities inside the XR Web network.

The Team Behind XR Web

The team is consist of talented individuals from different fields. They are directed by the XR Web founder and CEO, Manindra Majumdar, who has served in international affairs for more than 15 years and for more than 7 years. He earned his MBA degree from Hult International Business School in San Francisco, USA, and is a distinguised AI, AR, and Blockchain Specialist. Other important members are Sanjay Chaudhuri as the Chief Technology Officer, Haw Leng, as the Chief Growth Officer, and Bogdan Sizov, as the Blockchain director.


The world today is being dominated with technology, and not all realizes its importance because mostly focuses on the basic product that is used in the everyday coping of life. However, XR Web aims to make everyone realize that there are other fields and advancements of technology that are not yet utilize, that when applied, it will innovate every industry, from social media, eCommerce, Real Estate, just to name a few. And this technology is called Extended Reality.

This exceptional concept of XR Web is a pioneer of its kind and will surely dominate the blockchain-based XR related projects . With the team’s continuous effort and their community’s support, this platform will become a common tool among enterprises and even small businesses to make their processes easier and more accessible.

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